About the Journal

Sport, Media and Business is a journal categorized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. Since 2023, the journal has been published biennially by the Faculty of Sport of the University “Union – Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade. The journal publishes scientific and professional articles.

The journal publishes papers in two languages, Serbian (the Cyrillic alphabet only) and English. The Editorial Board reserves the right to proofread and edit all the papers in accordance with the current standards of the Serbian and English language.

All submitted papers must contain research content that has not been published before in English or any other language. Also, they must not be in the selection process of any other journal and their publication must be approved by all the authors. Papers in extenso that have previously been partially presented at a scientific/professional meeting can also be accepted; authors are obliged to indicate that accordingly. The publisher reserves the right to check the originality of the submitted paper using specialized plagiarism detection software.

For the publication of papers in special issues of the journal Sport, Media and Business, the editor-in-chief will, before forwarding the paper to the Editorial Board, take into consideration the suggestion of the editor of the special issue (guest-editor), if one has been appointed.