Aim and Scope

Sport, Media and Business Journal 

The idea of the need to apply science in sports has become more prevalent and necessary in the public than ever before. We are becoming aware that science permeates sports. This fact was sufficient motivation for the Faculty of Sport, University ‘Union – Nikola Tesla’ to, with youthful enthusiasm and mature professional references, launch a journal where science meets sports, in mutual connection with business and the media as agents of their articulation, which is already happening in the education process at our higher education institution.

The basic guiding idea and the concept of our approach respects, on the one side, scientific results focused on achieving top results and pushing the endurance limits of athletes in their endeavors, efficient rehabilitation and treating of injuries. Simultaneously, we do not neglect the humanistic dimension in the fight against the abuse of sports and athletes. On the pages of our journal, through our authors’ texts, emphasizing the impression of the recent rapid development of science in sports, we want to contribute to the popularization of new scientific knowledge and at the same time reduce the gap between it and those who need to apply it in practice.

That mysterious connection between scientific knowledge and practice, especially its application in daily work in many branches of sport, distinguishes our journal and institution from all those who have exhausted their humanistic and scientific engagement in instrumentalizing science in sports just for the sake of results.

The verification of scientific knowledge in everyday practice and its knowledgeable and systematic application after professional understanding and evaluation will be one of the specifics of the approach of our journal, which is just one more in a series of activities that represent a natural continuation of the academic education process at the Faculty of Sports.